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  • 1. It all started with "Him" a being driven by a lust for power. He found a way to shatter the barriers of the multiverse. In doing so he learned that he could obtain power by defeating those who shared a "link" with him. With this he begin to kill and absorb the the begins of the multiverse gaining great power with each victory.

    The primordial begins of the mutiverse know as the "kin" set to fix this issue, but due to them not being able to intervene in the multiverse they created a hero emdowed with powers of each. This hero took the name of "Sigma" it went to battle "him". The battle seemed to last for years, until "sigma" fell to the might of "him".

    Unknown to the "kin", "Sigma" was the last "link" need for "him" to obtain ultimate power.
    With this final "link" he took the name "Alpha-Omega" know that they could no longer sit and watch. The "Kin" broke their taboo and set foot into the multiverse. The battle was fierce one each clash destroying a universe and creating another.

    Knowing this battle would never end the "Kin" used their power to seal them and "Alpha-Omega" in a Null-Verse. Left in the wake of the battle was "The Will" a being of pure conscience and "The Thought" a being of pure ideas along side a single star system now known as "Sigma 12".
    As time grows on the "The Thought" battles the free "Alpha-Omega" while "The Will" seeks to prevents his return.

    2. History Log

    Dec 22, 2012. {11:45 PM} The Scientist at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) started up the New "Large Hadron Super Collider".
    Dec 23, 2012. {12:00 AM} The planets of our Solar System and its moons aligned with the black hole at the center of our galaxy.
    Dec 23, 2012. {12:20 AM} The "Hadron Super Collider" exploded destroying 95% of Switzerland and sending a shockwave around the planet. During the explosion a large blast of red and white energy was shot in the direction of the center of the galaxy.
    Dec 23, 2012. {2:00 AM - 5:30 AM} A two large rifts opened up in the sky each on an opposite side of the earth.
    Dec 23, 2012. {7:00 AM} Upon peering into the rifts do sheer curiosity Scientist discovered that each rift contained a different of Earth 1 super advanced in technology the other magic based.
    Dec 23, 2012. {10:00 AM} The rifts started to grow larger and larger. The other two versions of Earth started to inch closer.
    Dec 23, 2012. {1:00 PM} Around the world people started to see other versions of themselves. Scientist therorized that the o
    ver versions of people are starting to bleed over into their world. Dec 23, 2012. {3:00 PM - 7:00 PM} The 3 Earths now just a few million miles away from each other knocked the moon, Mercury, and Venus out of orbit and sent Mars flying into Jupiter. Mass theft, riots , rapes, and killings happened all across the planet.
    Dec 23, 2012. {11:50 PM} The 3 Earths Collided together.
    . . .

    Jan 19, 2032. Men awoke finding that the planets have merged together.
    Jan 20, 2032. A child was born with a ball of light at resemebled an atom in its hands. After an hour of the child birth it was absorbed by the child. over the next few days many children was born with the same object dubbed "Hadron Atom".
    Jan 20, 2040. During the first child's birthday the Hadron Atom appeared from the child then turned into an item. Scientist discovered that the item was bound to the child by some unknown force. Dubbed "Bound Item"
    Jan 21, 2040. Scientist discovered that each item possessed a strange ability from drawing images in thin air with a bound pen or creating lightning with bound glove.
    Jan 22, 2040. Upon returning home the first child was attacked by other children and beat and called a freak. When walking into his house he saw his mother and father laying dead on the ground and people standing over them. In a fit of rage the child's bonded item's begin to glow its form then changed.The child killed the people and destroyed most of the town in the process.
    Jan 23, 2040. After the child calmed down the was bond and sent back to the Scientist for more studies. They dubbed the changing of the bonded item "Enhancing".
    Jan 24, 2040. The first child was escaped from the lab and went on a killing spree during the spree the child was killed. Following the Child's death a large light fell from the sky in an area of the ocean.
    Jan 24, 2040. Mountains, Forests and land mass started to form around the light all attempts to reach the new island failed. The children with bounded item presented a strong urge to go their.
    Jan 25, 2040. The new island finished forming after forming a few children and scientist made it to the island safe. They found at the island contained strange and powerful creatures. None of them returned.
    Mar 22, 2100. The world is mostly full with people with bonded items all with the strange urge to go to the island now dubbed "Nirvana".

    End Log

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  • Hello, sorry to bother you on this Wikia. Why am I not confronting this issue (at least currently) at the Naruto Fanon Wiki? Because I've been banned. This is what I'm dying to discuss with you. I have had many of my pages deleted without warning; no tags, no mass delete categories added, no notices left on the talk page. All of this was done by Prodigy. Chances are, you'd probably listen to him more than you would listen to me, because he's an admin. Let met explain to you what I've been accused of. I'm fully aware that he's an admin, but I strongly beleive that he should atleast tell his victims what he is expecting of a page, aside from relentlessly deleting everything a user put so much effort into. Here's what I supposedly did:

    Breaking the Manual of Style. Here's my page: (hopefully it hasn't been deleted. If not, you can check it's history). Page: As you can see, not a regulation on the manual of style was broken, nor was it broken on any of his Jutsu pages. I did nothing to break the rules on a page, with the exception of a very vulgar and violent character - Ami Hyuga, whom had alot of bad content on her page. I deleted this page myself, so it's history now. Why I'm Arguing:

    Glue Release: My element, Glue Release, was deleted. Yes, I know it sounds odd, however, you will see how legit it is, compared to "Candy Release" (because, this is what David and Prodigy have compared it to). Glue release is simply manipulating the earth and water elements in order to create a gooey, sticky substance with a high viscosity (aka, glue). When this substance is brought fourth, it can be freely manipulated. Why was it deleted? My character's techniques seemed stupid and full of nonsense to Prodigy and David. My character's techniques consisted of "Glue Hearts" (sounds strange, I know, but let me explain). The glue hearts are hearts made of glue (in other words, the glue was manipulated and shaped into that of a heart). After being shaped, these hearts will be imbued with fire release to give it a more deadly property. The shape simply serves as a distraction. (Technique names: Glue Release: Kiss of Doom; one heart blown out of mouth. Glue Release: Kiss Kiss Barrage; many hearts released). Not only that, these hearts stick to the opponent (hence its glue-like properties). This, however, seemed like nonsense and stupidity in the eyes of Prodigy and David, thus, it was deleted without warning. Everything... even the element itself. To make it more legit, I was planning on renaming the element to "Latex Release" (it makes a bit more sense, if you ask me). I can't, now. Because I've been permanently banned for voicing my rightful opinion. Proof: At first, I approached the situation very abruptly (see this thread:, however, I was repremended. In turn, I approached it in a nicer manner (the first url seen).

    Second argument; my character's weaponry. Apparently, water with chili pepper powder and special oil (pepper spray) is "too modern". Again, it sounds strange, however, there are stranger things in the naruto verse (sexy techniques & 1000 years of death, ect). My pepper spray page was deleted without warning, same with it's technique (the pepper spray technique; by focusing chakra into the liquid, the acidity levels are boosted, and the amount of spray released from one pump is also increased. The rank of the technique is "C"). This was all deleted.

    Another one of my "deleted weapons" is the love bomb. It's simple; a paper bomb and a small flash bomb hidden inside a heart-shaped locket large enough to store its hidden contents. With the ignition of the paper bomb, the flash bomb will be ignited by the resulting explosion. Simple. The heart locket also serves as a disguise, and an accessorie. This too was deleted because it was "foolish and stupid".

    I know that my character has an odd style of techniques/disguises, but what can you say? Every ninja thinks differently, and that's what David and Prodigy fail to understand. I personally believe that Prodigy was abusing his power, that's just me though.

    Please resolve this issue, because what I've stated was 100% true. I want to continue contributing to the wiki, however, I'm currently banned because of my "bad behavior". Please help!

    Proof Report

    Here's a screenshot

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  • Hey there! We're excited to have Phantom Night Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

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    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring Wikia. If you get stuck or have a question you can't find the answer to -- please contact us here. But most importantly, have fun! :) Happy editing!

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